About Us

Our Approach

At Spartan Security and Protection we are pleased to provide your company temporary and emergency security guard services. We work closely with you to develop security solutions that ensure the protection of your customers. Safe and secure customers build company goodwill and your bottom line.

Our staff is highly trained and recognizes the importance of customer service first. With well prepared and skilled security officers, we are dedicate to your customer service needs. Our uniformed officers and officer management are selected for their professional demeanor, attitude and ability to serve your needs.

When considering security guard services, remember that our commitment to creating the safest possible environment for your customers and employees has earned our reputation for excellence. Depend on Spartan for security and protection. We look forward to applying our quality-based, results oriented approach to your success.

Quality is our philosophy

A quality-based, results oriented philosophy is how we approach all security contracts. We only provide you with the best personnel to secure your site and to protect your customers. All security projects whether temporary or permanent employ the same level of commitment to your security needs. It is mission critical to our employees to practice good judgement in site security without compromising your company’s hard earned goodwill to your customers.

Trained and Certified

Professional Security is done best by trained professionals in the field. Our licensed guards receive the best in guard and certified training.


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